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Air Travel for Transgender People

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Many people travel throughout the year as a part of their daily lives. Traveling by planes, trains, and automobiles can be a stressful proposition for anyone, but for the trangender person this can be especially so. When transsexuals begin to transition to their new gender, the photo on their license or passport may not look like them anymore or the gender marker on these documents may not represent how they look on the outside. Getting through security can be an extremely taxing process for a person who is transitioning. Taking this into account, the National Center for Transgender Equality has released Air Travel Tips for Transgender People. Two of the many tips from the NCTE are not paying cash for a ticket and trying to avoid the purchase of a one-way ticket, which are both red flags for security personnel.

In the United States, this is usually marked on the ticket itself with the letters "SSSS" for Secondary Security Screening Selection.

If you are flying with a passport that does not match your appearance it is recommended that you carry a letter from a doctor explaining that you have Gender Dysphoria and that part of the treatment involves you traveling in your other gender. The letter needs to include contact details for the doctor. This can save you from being confined in the immigration area and subject to interrogation as well as possible refusal of entry.

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