Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde

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Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde
Directed by David Price
Produced by Frank K. Isaac
Robert Shapiro
Written by David Price (story and screenplay)
Tim John
Oliver Butcher (screenplay)
Starring Timothy Daly
Sean Young
Lysette Anthony
Music by Mark McKenzie
Cinematography Tom Priestley Jr.
Editing by Tony Lombardo
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date(s) 4 February 1995
Running time 90 min.
Country USA
Language English

Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde is a 1995 comedy film starring Tim Daly, Sean Young and Lysette Anthony. The film is based on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic horror novel Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


Richard Jacks (Tim Daly) is a perfumist working at a major fragrance company who inherits the notebooks of his great-grandfather, Dr. Henry Jekyll. Fascinated by Jekyll's ideas about the duality of man, he starts performing experiments to refine the formula that separates good and evil. Realizing that his ancestor's formula increased male aggression, Richard decides to add more estrogen to the mix in the hope that it will prove less dangerous.

However, Richard's potion has unforeseen side effects; Instead of turning him into a male killer, the drug turns him into Helen Hyde (Sean Young), a ruthless nymphomaniac determined to climb the corporate ladder. More problems arise when Richard's girlfriend Sarah (Lysette Anthony) thinks he is having an affair.


  • Timothy Daly as Dr. Richard Jacks
  • Sean Young as Helen Hyde
  • Lysette Anthony as Sarah Carver
  • Stephen Tobolowsky as Oliver Mintz
  • Harvey Fierstein as Yves DuBois
  • Thea Vidale as Valerie
  • Jeremy Piven as Pete Walston
  • Polly Bergen as Mrs. Unterveldt


It's 1995 and medical science has advanced since the original Dr. Jekyll performed his tragic experiment. Now, some 110 years later, his great grandson, Dr. Richard Jacks (Tim Daly), is doomed to repeat his ancestor's mistakes. Richard thinks he has discovered Jekyll's error, but when he drinks the potion, the transformation that takes place is unexpected -- not only does this version of Hyde exhibit psychopathic tendencies, but it's a she: the voluptuous and deadly Helen (Sean Young).

A movie this dumb needs a fair share of successful comedy to make it worth anyone's viewing time. Unfortunately, in Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde, the guffaws are far apart. There are some chuckles -- including a hilarious cameo with actor/writer Robert Wuhl -- but hardly enough to make this motion picture worth the price of admission. On top of that, the acting is uneven. Although Tim Daly is suitably likable, Sean Young plays a surprisingly weak femme fatale. Harvey Fierstein and Steven Tobolowsky, as Richard's bosses at a perfume manufacturing company, have a few amusing scenes, but Lysette Anthony gives too serious a performance as the doctor's fiancee.

Strictly speaking, Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde is late-night cable TV fare. It's the kind of movie someone might willingly pause for in post-midnight channel surfing, but not the sort worth paying for. It's a poor execution of a bad take on a stale premise. The idea was interesting when Stevenson's book was first published, but, after so many adaptations and rip-offs, it has gotten as flat as Tim Daly's deflated chest.

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