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Eleanor Lister
Eleanor "Kitten" Lister
Nationality Australian

Eleanor "Kitten" Lister was a well known, and much respected transgender activist in Sydney, Australia. Eleanor was a vocal, highly regarded member of the Greens political party, and actively participated in the LGBTI Committee and the Ladies Committee. She was also a Global Moderator and a member of the Chat Staff of susans.org.

Eleanor was a very important member of SAGE (Sex and Gender Education) and a long term supporter of Sydney's Gender Center, offering many transgender people accommodation in her own home. She also represented transgender people at the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board. The amount of GLBT events that Eleanor was involved in was vast and her work seemed never ending. She was known to be outspoken, controversial but most of all compassionate with enough empathy to fill oceans.

Eleanor Lister passed away after a brave fight with a throat cancer, on Monday, April 14th 2008, surrounded by loving friends and family at the RPA Hospital. Her tireless work within the transgender community will be greatly missed.

Eleanor was one of the only women who continued to put on events in Sydney every year such as the Transgender Day of Remembrance. In 2007 she put on the TDOR event in Sydney when no others would step up to the plate. Even through illness Eleanor stood tall, speaking out and attending every event she could physically muster.

Transgender activist from SAGE Dr Tracy O'Keefe said of Eleanor, She hadn't been well for quite a while but she was a trooper. She was a good sort. I take my hat off to her; she had a very clear sense of justice. She put herself out there not only for GLBT people but was very keen on environmental issues in her work with The Greens.

Not only was Eleanor all of these amazing things, but even in her spare time at home she kept giving by maintaining the www.tgfluff.net website with forums, chat rooms that spanned worldwide. As you can expect, her loss will be felt all over Australia.

Affectionately known as Kitten by her friends for her love of cats, Eleanor will always be remembered for putting others first. Her proactive life even during times of illness is to be commended.

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