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Georges Burou (1910–1987) was a French gynecologist who managed a clinic in Casablanca, Morocco and is widely credited with innovating modern sex reassignment surgery for trans women. He invented the modern form of penile inversion MtF sex reassignment surgery for male to female transsexuals in the 1950's. Variations of Dr. Burou's technique have been used ever since. Dr. Burou's classic innovation was to use the male genitalia as source of skin and sensitive erotic tissue to create the new female genitalia, including the vagina. Dr. Burou performed these surgeries in his clinic in Casablanca, Morocco. Dr. Burou died in a boating accident in 1987.

Notable patients

Notable patients include Coccinelle, April Ashley and Jan Morris.

Surgical legacy

Dr. Burou, as a gynecologist from Morocco, had previous experience making a neo-vagina in cases of vaginal atresia, a birth defect or congenital abnormality of the female genitourinary system that manifests itself in the absence of a vagina (vaginal agenesis), or a deformed and nonfunctional vagina (Vaginal Atresia). Surgeons, including the late Stanley Biber, have credited Burou's methods as the basis for their techniques. Dr. Burou is mentioned in Jan Morris' book, "Conundrum" as "Dr. B." Dr. Burou further influenced the SRS career of Okie plastic surgeon Dr. William David Foerester. According to April Ashley's autobiography, when her husband wanted their marriage annulled as a pseudo marriage between two men, April contacted Dr. Burou to testify or send an affadavit on her behalf. He never responded. According to Ashley's autobiography Dr. Burou's surgeries were performed in a dark and foreboding basement.

Dr. Burou became both famous and notorious as news spread of his work. His "Clinique du Parc" at 13 Rue La Pebie in Casablanca, Morocco eventually became besieged by transssexual patients from all over the world. Dr. Burou began performing many hundreds of these operations every year. In 1973, Dr. Burou gave his first formal public presentation on his innovative surgical technique at a major interdiciplinary conference on transsexualism held at the Stanford University Medical School. By the time of that 1973 conference, he had performed over 3000 MtF surgical sex reassignments. By that time many other surgeons around the world had inferred and adapted Dr. Burou's technique, and were applying it in similar SRS surgeries.

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