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December 21st, 2004

Mr. or Mrs. HR Person,
Human Resources Manager
(Your Company Name)

Subject: Key life events requiring corporate involvement

This is one of the hardest letters that I have had to write, however I must tell you about a major change in my life. After many years of uncertainty and discomfort, I have realized that it is time to come to grips with who I really am. I have had a pervasive, life-long identity with the female gender and know it to be a more natural and honest expression of self to live my life as a woman. I have begun the process of making myself whole and real in the world. I have already begun this challenging journey and am blessed to have the support of my wife, and several others. Now I put another important piece into play by integrating my career into this change as well.

In the past, transsexuality (or Gender Identity Disorder (GID), as it is sometimes called) has too often been sensationalized, but fortunately we have moved into an era where the reality of these changes can be acknowledged with dignity and purpose. I am fortunate to have the benefit of the many -- in business, medicine, academia, law, engineering and virtually every other field -- who have gone before, and proved that we can be successful and productive. So while I am a little frightened, I am also energized and confident that my new life will make me a better person, a stronger ally and a more productive member of the team.

Foremost, my goal is to minimize the impact of my personal change to the work environment. To this end, I will continue to conduct myself as a professional and strive to make my transition as smooth as possible for management and co-workers. I consider a successful transition (for all parties) to depend on several critical success factors:

  • Careful, collaborative transition planning.
  • Strong support from corporate management - up to the highest level.
  • Proper education and sensitive management of staff that need to know.
  • Gracious, diplomatic behavior on my part (my ability to market myself).
  • My ability to present myself unambiguously as a professional woman.
  • My continued conduct as a professional who reflects the high standards of (Your Company Name).

Most people want to know what I look like as a woman; therefore I have enclosed some photographs. It's important to me to present a professional appearance, and I believe I do. Experience has shown me that I fit in well with others as a woman, and that we interact comfortably and easily. I'll have some learning to do, but I approach my new role with the support of family, friends and colleagues who will help me along the path. I have also enclosed a number of other materials that explain GID in more detail, including a brief paper that addresses common concerns and sets out the basic steps involved. Needless to say, I am more than willing to discuss how this will work at any time.

This is a great personal venture for me, but I believe in people, and have already discovered depths of understanding, wisdom, humor and caring that I long feared did not exist. The experience has thus far been one of enormous growth for me, and I am committed to make this company proud of me, and proud of recognizing the diversity and strengths of its people.

Thank you for supporting me. I am pledged to the utmost candor and honesty, and will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding the material I've enclosed. Please do not disclose any of this information to anyone outside (Your Company Name) Corporate Officers and involved HR persons without my consent. Again, I appreciate your understanding and support, and look forward to working with you and your staff to ensure a smooth transition.


Your Name