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International travel may pose problems for transgender people.

Problems with IDs

Whether we are boarding planes, trains and automobiles to visit family and friends, or going on vacation is always problematic for transgender people. Flying at any time is stressful enough with all the security guidelines, but for transgender people, it can be especially so. When transgender people begin to transition, the photo and/or the gender marker on their documents may not be a true representation of them selves, therefore getting through security can be an extra hassle. With all this in mind, the National Center for Transgender Equality has released Air Travel Tips for Transgender People. Among the tips, do not pay cash for your ticket or buy a one-way ticket, which is a red flag for security personnel.

The Air Travel Tips may be viewed and/or downloaded as a pdf file from at The National Center for Transgender Equality

Full body scanners

Full body scanners are beginning now to be introduced into major airports. Despite reassurances from the airports that the operators of these devices do not have an optical view of the person that they are scanning, the ability to image genitalia is concerning.