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To chat with other wiki users on our Internet Relay chat server you can use our java chat or a irc client.

Java chat

To to use the java chat point your favorite java supporting web browser at
If you see the message: Do you want to trust the signed applet distributed by "Jpilot Software Company"? You must click on yes in order for the chat to function

Irc client

to connect to Susan's Place chat rooms using an irc client the following information is required:


Port(s): 6666,6667,6668,7177, or 7575

channels available:

  • #Androgyne - Androgynous chat.
  • #CDTalk - CD/TV talk! "To feel pretty, is to be pretty!"
  • #Chat - General Chat channel, usually the most active channel.
  • #FTMTalk - Female to Male Transsexual support
  • #Help - Help with Chat, Computers, and anything else.
  • #ISTalk - Intersexual Support.
  • #SOTalk - A place for significant others...
  • #TSTalk - Transsexual talk for both MTF and FTM TS's.

If you have problems

If you have any problems or questions email Robyn, Chat Administrator, or email Susan