LGBT rights in Denmark

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LGBT rights in Denmark
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Same-sex sexual activity legal? Legal since 1933,
age of consent equalized in 1977
Gender identity/expression -
Recognition of
Registered partnerships since 1989
Same-sex marriage not recognised
Adoption Full adoption rights since 2010
Military service Gays and lesbians allowed to serve openly
Discrimination protections Sexual orientation protections (see below)

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights in Denmark are generally extensive, and Danish society is very tolerant of homosexuality.

Former laws against homosexuality

Homosexuality was legalised in 1933 and since 1977, the age of consent is equal at 15, regardless of sexual orientation and/or gender.

Recognition of same-sex relationships

Denmark was the first country in the world to legalize same-sex unions, in 1989. The Danish parliament, Folketinget, has since discussed same-sex marriage, artificial insemination of lesbians, and couples' rights to adopt.

A December 2006 European Union member poll showed Danish support for same-sex marriage at 69%.[1] Angus Reid Global Monitor conducted the poll for issues regarding European Union integration. With the attitudes in Europe regarding the legalization of same-sex marriage; Denmark proved to be high on the list of possible nations that would grant marriage to Gay and Lesbian citizens, in third place behind The Netherlands (82%), and Sweden (71%).

Adoption and family planning

Since 1999, same-sex couples can adopt their partner's biological children (stepchild adoption) and, in March 2009, the Danish Parliament decided to work on legislation allowing same-sex couples to jointly apply for adoption.[2] The formal decision passed in Danish parliament on 3 May 2010.[3] On 2 June 2006, a majority in Folketinget voted for abolishing a law that since 1997 had banned lesbians from insemination.

Military service

Homosexuals are not banned from military service.

Discrimination protections

Danish law includes protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Hate crimes laws

Danish law includes hate crimes legislation, which adds extra penalties for crimes committed against people because of their sexuality.

Summary table

Introduction Date Year
Homosexuality legal Yes 1933
Gays allowed to serve in the military Yes
Equal age of consent Yes 1977
Homosexuality declassified as an illness Yes
Anti-discrimination laws in all areas, (incl. hate speech) Yes
Recognition of same-sex couples as de facto couples Yes
Recognition of same-sex couples as registered partnerships Yes 1989
Step adoption by same-sex couples Yes 1999
Joint adoption by same-sex couples No 2010
Access to IVF for lesbians Yes 2006
Same-sex marriages (based on civil marriages) No
MSMs allowed to donate blood No

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