LGBT rights in Greenland

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LGBT rights in Greenland
Same-sex sexual activity legal? Legal since 1933,
age of consent equalized in 1977 (Danish law)
Gender identity/expression -
Recognition of
Registered partnerships since 1996
Adoption -
Military service Gays and lesbians allowed to serve openly (Danish military)
Discrimination protections Sexual orientation protections (see below)

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights in Greenland are very similar to those in Denmark, and are among the most advanced in the world. Same-sex sexual activity is legal, with an equal age of consent, and there are broad anti-discrimination laws. Furthermore, same-sex couples have access to registered partnerships, which provide them with nearly all of the rights provided to married opposite-sex couples. Nonetheless, same-sex couples cannot marry or adopt.

In 1979, Denmark granted Greenland autonomy under the Home Rule Act, although it still influences the island's culture and politics.

Former laws against homosexuality

As is the case with Denmark, homosexuality is not a crime.[1] Homosexuality was legalized by Denmark in 1933, and age of consent equalized in 1977, two years prior to the Home Rule Act.

Recognition of same-sex relationships

Greenland enacted a registered partnership law in 1996, similar to that of Denmark. Registered partnerships are called Inooqatigiittut nalunaarsorsimasut in Greenlandic.

Discrimination protections

Denmarks's anti-discrimination laws apply to Greenland.[1]

LGBT rights movement in Greenland

There is an LGBT rights organization called "Qaamaneq" (Light), which has organized social events.[2]

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