LGBT rights in Laos

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LGBT rights in Laos
Same-sex sexual activity legal? Legal
Discrimination protections No

While homosexuality is legal in Laos, it is very difficult to assess the current state of acceptance and violence that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) citizens face, due to the fact that the government does not allow those whom are not associated with the government to conduct polls on human rights. Numerous claims have suggested that Laos is one of the most tolerant communist states at the current time, with a growing acceptance of homosexuality.[1] However, numerous reports have claimed that gay men are far likelier to be tolerated in the country than lesbians; an attitude that has been apparent throughout Lao history. Despite such progress, discrimination still exists.

Criminal code

Homosexuality is legal in Laos.

Recognition of same-sex unions

Laos does not recognize same-sex marriages, nor any other form of same-sex union. There have been no known debates of such unions being legalized in the near future, though this does not imply that the government or Laotians are opposed to such unions, the topic has simply yet to come up for debate.

Laws against discrimination

Currently, there are no laws prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation.

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