LGBT rights in Mozambique

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LGBT rights in Mozambique
Same-sex sexual activity legal? Illegal[1]
Gender identity/expression -
Discrimination protections Sexual orientation protected (employment only)[2]

The legal status of same-sex sexual activity is ambiguous in Mozambique. While there are no explicit laws against homosexual sex, the Penal Code does contain an offence of "practices against nature".[3] According to the ILGA, this clause could potentially be interpreted as including male and female same-sex sexual activity, even though it is unknown to what extent the law is enforced.[1] Indeed, reports state that the incidence of the statute being enforced against LGBT individuals have been slim to none.[4]

Mozambique is frequently regarded as amongst the most tolerant states concerning gays and lesbians throughout Africa, if not the most.[5][6] While the government has reported fairly little on LGBT rights, all of what has been said has been positive.[7] It is one of the only three countries in Africa to offer any form of discrimination protections for gay, lesbians, and bisexuals, which have been in place since 2007.[8] Protests for such legislation had been kick started only a year before, signaling a reasonably swift response by the government.[9] Mozambique does not provide any form of recognition of same-sex relationships, though protests for same-sex marriage and common-law marriage have been ongoing since 2006.[10]

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