LGBT rights in Turkmenistan

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LGBT rights in Turkmenistan
Same-sex sexual activity legal? Illegal
fine to 2 years
Gender identity/expression -

Male homosexuality is illegal in Turkmenistan. Punishment ranges from a fine to 2 years in prison.

Penal Code 1997/98 (revised 2000)

  • § 135

“(1) Muzhelozhstvo, that is the sexual relations of the man with the man, is punished by imprisonment for the term of up to two years with the placing of the responsibility of stay in the specific locality for the period from two to five years or without the same.”

Russian text:

  • Статья 135. Мужеложство

(1) Мужеложство, то есть половое сношение мужчины с мужчиной, наказывается лишением свободы на срок до двух лет. с возложением обязанности проживания в определенной местности на срок от двух до пяти лет или без такового.

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