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Pumping is the common slang for injection of silicone gel (usually industrial silicone) into the body in a crude attempt at aesthetic modification, it is not to be confused with the practice by some trans men of using a vacuum device to enlarge their clitoris for later metoidioplasty.

Pumping usually takes place during a pumping party, in a motel room, or rarely, a private residence. Locations of pumping parties are usually spread via word of mouth or by text message. It is illegal in most places due to being technically practicing medicine without a license.

Pumping started to take off in 2000 when the first pumping parties took place using liquid construction silicon to "enhance" various parts of their body. (namely lips, cheeks, chin, breast and buttocks) While pumping is a phenomenon usually done by trans women desperate for a quick and cheap fix to beauty, there have been women assigned at birth who have fallen prey to the allure of the idea of looking better on the cheap.


The risks of pumping range from the immediate such as an infection from shared needles, unsterilized silicone and unsanitary injection, to long term effects such as autoimmune disorders, and pitting of the areas where the free silicone has migrated to other parts of the body. Death is a very real possibility as the result of pumping.

Removal of silicone

Removal of free silicone is, in a nutshell, done by surgically opening the affected area up and scraping off the silicone from the affected tissues. This does not usually result in complete removal of the silicone, nor on its own, restore the aesthetic damage done after long term free silicone use.


In March 2001, Vera Lawrence died of a heart attack after 20 injections to her buttocks. The person who did the injections, Donnie "Viva" Hendrix, later resumed her "practice" after being released from the Tomoka Correctional Institution and has been arrested again for offering silicone injections without a medical license.


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