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Scrotoplasty, also known as Oscheoplasty, is reparative or plastic surgery of the scrotum.

As part of the surgical options for trans men, scrotoplasty is one of several operations performed to transform/reform the external genitalia into a penis and a scrotum.

Illustration of scrotum fabrication

In this procedure, the labia majora (see vulva) are dissected to form hollow cavities, and united to into an approximation of a scrotum. The surgeon may or may not deploy some sort of tissue expansion prior to the operation if there is insufficient skin tissue. Afterwords, silicone prosthetic testicles can be inserted to fill the new scrotum to enhance the look and feel.


Known complications to scrotoplasty primarily deal with testicular implants. If they are too big, there is chance of chronic pain. The other issue is where the implant erodes the scrotal skin, causing at worst, a fistula (hole) where the implant may work its way outside the body.

Other complications are in line with surgery related complications, such as blood loss and/or infection. If the urethra is not extended, vaginectomy may be only partially completed due to risk of urinary complications.

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