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Bold textI just want to post a comment about voice surgery - which I see is once again rubbished. I am a post-op Ts woman with 20 years experience and spent a great deal of time and effort on improving voice quality. While not denying that some people derive benefit from speech therapy and self-help from sites such as this, I have never yet come across anyone with a voice which has a truly female - as opposed to merely 'feminine' - quality. I do not understand why many commentators are so against laryngeal surgery, since there are thousands of beneficiaries (weve all been followed up by NHS researchers) - and I am one of them. I was fortunate enough to secure the help of consultant surgeon Mr Cheesman (formerly Charing X and now private only) - and I thank God I found him. I believe I was the first patient for whom Mr Cheesman tried a new technique, which involved the use of titanium clips to bring forward the larynx. The resulting voice quality exceeded my wildest expectations and quite literally changed my life. I was not blessed with stunningly female physical qualities, but the acquired speech quality was so utterly convincing - including telephone use - that I became a 'closed case. From then on, I operated in an entirely 'new world' of total acceptance. In fact with the confidence it gave me I founded an entirely new career, as a Registered Nurse. I think it is extremely disappointing that this surgery is not more widely available; it is quick, economically very cheap, and above all effective. If you want to be a woman, instead of a 'transsexual', you have to regard voice as more of a priority than the SRS itself. Noone will see what you may or may not have between your legs - but they'll certainly judge you and write you off without a compellingly female voice. Its the world we live in. If you are going to spend £10,000 + on changing sex, spend another £2,000 on your VOICE. Its a fantastic investment, with a more certain outcome than most other changes you might plan to make. Think on, everyone. By the way, Ive also come across the so-called 'stealth' website - also making huge claims for speech therapy techniques - providing, of course, you pay them bucket loads of dollars. The video 'come-on' for this is an complete 'con', and if they (the informed, the trained and the monied) can' achieve it, then the chances are, you won't either.....

Voice Surgery

Jacqui, Thanks for you comments, which I would like to discuss with you further as I have a friend going through voice surgery at CHX at the moment. Please can you email me at Thanks, Ruth RuthChambers 07:11, 1 March 2007 (CST)

Voice surgery update

Jacqui,I have not been able to find Mr Cheeseman on the internet, but researching leads me to believe you had a Crico-Thyroid Approximation and were one of the lucky 38% to achieve an F0 in the female range. That level of success and corresponding risk of failure do not justify endorsement of this procedure. It would be great if you could provide further information of your experience to show that the procedures have advanced to a poiunt where they could be endorsed. Ruth, RuthChambers 15:35, 2 March 2007 (CST)