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There are many issues that a MTF transsexual needs to work on in order to pass convincingly, and developing a female walk is just one of them. Walking is one of the most visible things that we do and in this case it is the easiest "tell" (giveaway) to fix. No surgery or money is required and it is one of the most important things to learn how to do well.

How men walk

Generally men have a much longer stride than women. Their arms swing back and forth, palms pointed slightly backward. Each step is bluntly taken as if anything in the path will bend to their will. With every step, the heel firmly hits the pavement, and the bulk of their weight is instantly transferred to the new step. The shoulders will move forward with each stride, and the male will often look down.

How to walk like a woman

Walking in normal shoes

Here are some tips for walking in feminine fashion while wearing normal shoes (flats):

  1. Turn your elbows in towards your waist. This will turn your palms more towards the front. Ask a woman to stretch her arm out. It will bend slightly backwards at the elbow. Males can't do this. Turning your elbows in a little will compensate for this inability.
  2. Lift your chin a little and look forward. If you are walking with someone, look at them more often.
  3. Take smaller steps.
  4. Thrust the hips forward slightly.
  5. Glide. See the movie Miss Congeniality to see how..
  6. Smile. Men don't often smile while walking.
  7. Take in the sights. Men often ignore the sights, concentrating on their destination instead.
  8. Swish your hips a bit... .from left to right in rhythm. Women's hips are set out farther from the center of gravity. This action comes naturally for them. We have to practice. This is something that can be overdone, though, be careful not to exaggerate this movement too much. Think "keep my knees together." Keeping them close together will allow you to more slowly transfer your weight from foot to foot.
  9. If your feet point forward or slightly out when you walk, put each foot down in front of the previous one and think "pivot out a bit" as you take the step, ala fashion model but not as exaggerated.
  10. If you carry a shoulder bag, rest your forearm on it with a limp wrist. ...
  11. Don't hold your hands straight, rather, bend them out a bit.
  12. Don't let your shoulders follow your feet. Your shoulders will follow where you look, and your feet follow. When you get distracted, every thing follows in that order.

It is a good idea for an MtF to practice wearing modest heels and working up to higher heels as her confidence and skill develops.

Walking in heels

  1. Take smaller steps than when wearing flats.
  2. When you set your foot down the heel is set down to the pavement squarely, closely followed by the ball of the foot.
  3. Set the foot down facing forward. Note that this is different than when wearing flats.
  4. Let the ankle wobble. This is a natural tendency, let it happen. If the ankle wobbles, it shows weakness; a truly feminine characteristic. Keeping the ankle stiff will be a dead giveaway as it just doesn't look very feminine.
  5. Swivel the heel in (the toes out) as each each foot is lifted. Note that this is the same action as when wearing flats.
  6. Glide and swish.

Remember to practice, practice, practice. Watch women you think are feminine. One of the best places to do this is at a shopping mall. Observe what they do and practice in front of a mirror. For those who have access to a treadmill try using it to practice although when wearing heels be careful not to damage the track bed. Have a friend help you experiment. Get this down so it is something you do without thinking. The walk is your most important and easiest tell to change.


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