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Andrea James (born January 16, 1967) is an American transsexual woman, film producer, screenwriter, actress, transgender activist, and consumer rights activist.

She majored in Latin and Greek in college, initially planning to teach English. She received her Master's degree in English from the University of Chicago. After graduating, James worked for various Chicago advertising agencies for a decade, writing advertising for high-profile clients, including some which aired during the Super Bowl.

With her business partner Calpernia Addams, she founded Deep Stealth Productions in 2003, to raise awareness of the epidemic of violence perpetrated against transpeople and to combat the poor image of transpeople in the media.[1] James is also the host of the instructional film Finding Your Female Voice, which is produced by Deep Stealth. She also operates the free TS Roadmap website, an exhaustive source of information for transsexuals, concerning physical, social, and legal aspects of transition. The section of TS Roadmap on hair removal proved so popular that James spun it off into its own site, Hair Facts, with a companion discussion forum called Hair Tell.

On 21 February, 2004, James was a member of the first all-transgender cast, as well as a producer, of The Vagina Monologues, performed on V-Day in Los Angeles. She gave the welcome alongside Calpernia Addams, and performed the monologues "The Woman Who Liked to Make Vaginas Happy" and "They Beat the Girl Out of My Boy - Or So They Tried 04", and took part in the introduction of the Vagina Warriors, along with Addams and Monologues writer Eve Ensler.[2] She has also consulted for the production of a documentary film project about the 2004 V-Day performance entitled Beautiful Daughters and appeared in this film.

James was a script consultant for the 2005 film Transamerica, and also consulted with actress Felicity Huffman for her role in the film. She also made a brief appearance, in an excerpt from her voice video, shown at the opening of the movie.[3]

James appeared in the HBO production Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She, which aired on 6 December, 2005.

More recently, James costarred in "TransAmerican Love Story", a reality dating series airing on the Logo channel in America. The show began airing February 2008. In the series, James acts as the confidante of the series' star, Calpernia Addams, giving her advice and acting as a sounding board.

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