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Bigender (bi+gender) is a gender identification which manifests itself as a tendency to move between masculine and feminine gender-typed behavior depending on context, expressing a distinctly male persona and a distinctly female persona. It is recognized by the APA as a subset of the transgendered group.[1] While an androgynous person retains the same gender-typed behavior across situations, the bigendered person consciously or unconsciously changes their gender-role behavior between primarily masculine and primarily feminine, depending on the situation.

It is particularly noteworthy that this concept emerged from within the transgender community rather than being adopted by the transgender community after it was created by another sub-culture (e.g. transsexual was defined first by the mental health community). Because bigender is still a self-applied label, it is not possible to give a definitive outline of the typical bigender. Any description of a bigender is just an example of what someone who identifies as bigender might be like. Although there are patterns, the only firm characteristic is the sense of dual gender.

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