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A lipstick lesbian is a slang term for a feminine homosexual, for feminine women who are attracted to other feminine women, rather than women who are attracted to a "butch and femme" type relationship.

In American films, lesbians are often portrayed according to the lipstick lesbian stereotype, to be both politically safer and also more sexually attractive to male viewers. The cable television series The L Word presents all of the major lesbian characters in this way.

It can also mean a person who isn't actually lesbian but pretends to be, for various reasons such as pornography. The term is also, sometimes, incorrectly applied to bisexual females.

Women involved in the Aristasia role-playing organization are sometimes identified as lipstick lesbians. Aristasians dress in feminine styles, often recalling the 1920s-1950s, and situate themselves in an "alternative reality" where the two sexes are blonde and brunette. Aristasian society has been described as "not so much butch and femme as femme and femmer".

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