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The Non-Binary gendered are people who do not fit cleanly into the typical masculine and feminine gender roles/identification of their society. This term is interchangable with Androgyne but carries the extra benefit of not being directly related to being a mixture of male and female gender traits. Androgyne is the generally accepted use of anyone not specifically male or female, but Non-Binary has been embraced just as much in use by those it applies to.

Many identify as being mentally "between" male and female, both, genderless, Third Gender, or something else entirely. They may also use the term ambigender, Null gender, non-gendered or agender to further narrow down how they feel, which is entirely optional. They may as well experience mental swings between genders, sometimes referred to as being bigender or gender fluid.

Non-Binary gendered people sometimes refer to themselves using gender-neutral pronouns or the singular "they". A few even take steps toward transitioning from their birth sex into a physically androgynous form.

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