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Terri was a valued member of the Susan's community here for many years, and was one of the original group of members from back in the 90's. She was 57 years old when she left us.

Notification of her passing

The news of her passing came via an email by her daughter:

I know some time has passed and my father was a huge fan of your site. I think she did alot of topic discussion on your forums and I know she made alot of friends thru here. As it pains me to notify your staff she is no longer with us. Unfortunately my father (mtf) Terri Gene passed away May 31 2007. I'm not sure what staff or what visitors know him. I can give details if anyone has any questions and I can post if you would like me to. I just don't know where. I don't want those who knew her on here to think he just gave up on his quest of life change because she held that dear to her heart to the end. (Please forgive the reference of my father because Terri was and always will be in my mind my dad even though I still refer to genderwise as female) I know this letter is late in comming and I apologize for that but I have had my own issues to deal with this in both my parrents passing. If you have questions please let me know..

Thank you

Prior Health

In January of 2006, she had a hemorrhagic stroke that nearly cost her life.

In an undated communication, it was learned that she was hospitalised, and was not fit for staff duties due to the nature of her emergency.

Today, Terri-Gene suffered a major stroke and is currently in extremely critical condition and is on a respirator in the hospital. Please pray for her. Terri has been my life for the past 26 years and my prayers are for 26 more at least. Please be advised that any duties she currently has in connection with the board will have to be at least temporally reassigned.


Around February 03, 2006, word from Peggiann came the news of hope for at least a partial recovery. (from http://www.susans.org/forums/index.php/topic,2236.0.html)

Terri-Gene is back out of ICU and they will be making arrangements for moving her to an Extended Care Facility for further recovery before they can even consider moving her to the Rehabilitation Center. She is being fed through a feeding tube because when she had another stroke and more bleeding after last Saturday she cannot swallow now. This was not the case before they moved her out of ICU the first time. Terri-Gene had been eating and able to swallow.


The following are but some of the memorable responses while she was a forum user.

"Yes, I'm on a slow journey to womanhood and I am enjoying it so much"

We all have a slow journey so to speak, but never let that bother you and don't judge your progress by the physical development, you are there only when you sense there is no longer any conflict, with yourself and others, and you have earned your position in life among others without questions.

It is not the size of your bust or the curve of your waistline that makes you what you are, it is the recognition of others that allows you to truely be, though that may sound contrary to a lot of views. in the end, it is not conformity that we seek, but the acceptance by others as being what we believe we are. After all, human beings are social animals and we need socialization of the type we crave to be complete.

From what I have found, each of us on the full oneway trip is in search of one thing, acceptance, and simple tolerance isn't the same. We can't accept simple passing which is shallow and emotionally incomplete, we must actually integrate in the deepest most meaningful ways with never a doubt that we actually are what we represent ourselves to be. Only then will the deamons leave us alone.

Which brings up the question: at what point, at what accomplishment, has transition actially occurred? All should understand surgery and being able to recognize when that is done, but what about transition? What does it mean and when has it been completed? What has been accomplished when it is completed?

To me, understanding that, or ones own interpetation of it, must be understood to ones self in order to understand the original questions as both had to do with transition with surgery as a process involved, thus transition being the ultimate goal.

each will differ ....


When do I cease to be a transsexual? Hah, thats easy, when I no longer feel myself to be any different from any other woman and consider myself no different. When I have learned what I must know within myself, what it is to succeeed, and to fail on my own without "his" help, hinderence or holding me back, When the baggage has been unpacked and put away and i'm ready and able to move about where I wish with no thoughts of being anything less. When I totally and unconditionally accept myself and care no more about the hardships and the struggles, when I no longer worry and fret about what it's taken to come so far and when I no longer remember what it was to not know how to feel, breath and live as anything else, when the last of him has left me forever.. It will then be my reality at that point, and any and all can argue it all they want while I be as my reality guides me to be and whatever is technically right or wrong, I'll be as I am.

Modern feminists see transwomen not only as women but allies--as they should.

I wish someone would tell a whole heck of a lot of them that.....


There are some highly specific needs and consiquences between a surgically bound TS and other gender forms that do not seek such full time conversion with no chance of returning to where they came from at the beginning.

The labels we use, as stated and discussed often enough in these forums, is nothing more then our own beliefs in what type of Gender form we really are inside of ourselves, and to most all I have ever met consider themselves to be woman in mans body or man in womens body to those that require the full extent, including hair reduction or increasement, HRT and SRS (of course Females may not need much more then breast reduction to achieve malehood due to the much higher cost of surgery in thier case which at present is no where near as good as is available for males) The term as used in general though, to the greatest many of mainstream public isn't as specific as it is to a Cd or TS. The public sees us as all the same, just some with different needs, but we can all see the falsehood of such statements. We simply are what we are and we are all different in our specific thinking and actions depending on our moods and life trials.

I know that at past times I was solely in favor of all the way TS's, but for some time now have reconsidered much or all of my feelings, emotions and way of thinking, making me much more inquisitive and accepting of others who will never share some of my basic beliefs in life and trials. But at least in more recent times I stop and listen a little and by doing so understand more of things which are not and can not make real sense to me, but I meet enough people who share those beliefs, even though I never completely will.

There is no All of us in how transition works. What is "transition for some out there makes no sense what so ever to others and that is simply how it is in real world time and events. We each work by and through our own methods. Each to his/her own, even if actual outcome is virtually the same in each case, just arrived at by different means and stress.

Pay enough attention to the various theads around here and for the most part you will see that type of thinking very self evident. Many here have been through all this, CD or TS that we have come to a kind of agreement about it. We may not fully understand it all, even in our own cases, but we do our best to at least try, even if we will never really understand it all ourselves, but for the most part we do try, as best we can.

As to not wanting to impose any gender on anyone ish to impose any sort of gender categorisation on them. I would beg to differ no that completely. For me, I am what I am. There are both good and bad parts of that, I can only do my best to eliminate the bad parts with more understanding and compenation of the good parts, thereby eliminating the bad as much as possible within the most reasonable time. I can't think of anything better to say about that, it's just the way it is to me at least.

Agree, Disagree or be Indifferent. It matters little to me other then the fact that the more I can talk to others, the better I understand myself, my motives and my failures for whatever reasons.