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Walt Heyer is a man who was diagnosed with gender identity disorder. He socially and medically transitioned from male to female including GRS with Dr. Stanley Biber, in Trinidad, Colorado. After living for some years as a woman, he transitioned back to living as a man. He now advocates against the diagnosis and current treatment protocols for gender dysphoria using Christian rhetoric as part of his arguments against them.

Basic arguments against the WPATH Standards of Care

Mr Heyer believes that hormones and surgery are inappropriate treatments for transsexual people in some sites and does not in others. In his blog he wrote, "Please understand--I have no desire to stop the gender change operations for those individuals who clinically and or medically need the procedure." yet on his website he writes, "I want to challenge the status quo of that accepted 'treatment.' Because suicide is not a passive consequence when changing genders."

He considers the cause of transsexuality to be based in aberrations in family dynamics rather than physical causes and has a link to a psychologist, Marc S. Dillworth, Ph.D., who apparently practices reparative therapy for trans people. He seems to be using the same strategy against the Standards of Care that National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) uses against same sex attracted people, using distortions and erroneous conclusions of scientific studies to prove his claims.

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